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 I want to Contribute

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PostSubject: I want to Contribute   I want to Contribute EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 2:56 pm

Please post in this forum if you registered to our site with the intention of becoming 
a writing contributor, or staff.


Please state whether you are wanting to be a contributor,
or a section editor, such as Beauty, or West Coast Fashion.

The Fashion and Country sections (the first 2 forums) have their own sections, 
and if you want to write for one of those sections, please state your requests 
in the appropriate sections there.

If you want to write or contribute to the recipes, home decor, etc... add your info here.

Please note, anyone can add a recipe, or comments to the Discussions area,
but if you are a foodie, or talented in home decor etc.... You can request a 
section of your own as editor.

I will contact everyone who posts here with either of these requests
by PM as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT post here for idle chit chat. Your comments will be deleted.
Use the member or public chat forums for friendly chats.


If you are applying to staff please contact me by PM and be prepared to give me a 
current, always reachable email, your full real name, your location, and any experience you have with websites or forums.

I will be screening and checking credentials, so please be honest, any discrepancies found in your information will cause your application to be denied.

Staff can, and will include everything from Moderators, to Fashion design classes. If you love to teach others who would like to learn the world of fashion design, please do contact FTF and let us know.

And last but not least, the original goal of publishing a magazine, whether it be monthly, bi monthly, bi annually or other, is still a project we would like to continue. We would love you all to be a part of it!
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I want to Contribute
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